8 yr old Girl becomes youngest Asian to clear Cambridge Grade X exam

Studies are child’s play for her.


Which is why city girl Naina – all of eight years – breezed through the Grade-X international General Certificate of Secondary education (iGCSe) exams conducted by university of Cambridge in June this year, becoming the youngest South Asian ever to do so.


The prodigy, making light of her achievement, has now set her eyes on the Baccalaureate, which offers high quality programmes to a worldwide community of schools.


“Spotting her aptitude for studies when she was in the first standard itself, her father (Ashwani Kumar) did all he could to help her learn in a playful environment. And she took to texts like a duck to water,’’ her mother, Bhagyalakshmi says.


How does such a little child retain loads of information which even adults find difficult to manage? “Rote learning was ruled out. She was made to understand the subjects at the conceptual level and then the answers fell into place even if questions were tweaked,’’ says Bhagyalakshmi.


And what does the little scholar aspire to become? “A doctor like Ambati Balamurali,’’ chirps Naina.


Her special qualities do not come in the way of her mingling with other kids.

Naina is good at sports too. in fact, she is State No 1 in table tennis mini-cadets and is also seeded in cadet girls. She’s quite adept on the keyboard as well, having cut an album of Ramayana slokas.  To the delight of the mediapersons, she also gave an impromptu recital.


Express News Bureau


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